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Sheep Genetics USA

Join us, together we can work to advance the U.S Sheep Industry through Genetic Technology

A proactive, collaborative initiative focused on improving genetic tools to enhance profitability through measurable goals leading to long term success.

Sheep Genetics USA was officially launched on January 28, 2021. Use the menus here to learn more about this exciting initiative or become a member and stay tuned for more updates as we move forward together in empowering the U.S. Sheep Industry

On-Going Research

GEMS Project

Genetic analysis is an increasingly important and common tool in guiding animal breeding. With the use
of genomic information, a growing number of desired traits for livestock that boost flock health and
producer profitability are being incorporated into breeding programs. Considerable gaps exist in genetic
data collection for the sheep industry, however, and a new research project led by a faculty member in
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources aims to build a
needed inventory of such data.

We are continuously looking for new Projects

If you have project idea’s please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Why Sheep Genetics USA?

Built upon success

Rooted in the past efforts to grow the US sheep industry, Sheep Genetics USA is built upon the past efforts of the NSIP and Let’s Grow initiative. 

Transitioning Our Industry

Creating the lamb of tomorrow through genomic technology. 

Current Research Projects

Blending Management & Nutrition with genetics

Creating new genetic frontiers for our ever changing production pressures.

Action Committees

Our action committees are the heart of the organization!

Sheep Genetics USA is led by a board of directors. Joined by seven different action committees. The action committees represent the different roles that are represented within the sheep industry.
Join an action committee to work together to advance the future of the United States sheep industry.

Are you ready to embrace new genetic frontiers?

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